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This site is part of a large network of job sites across North America called TheJobNetwork. Member sites come from a variety of industries and locations. Rather than posting your jobs separately on multiple sites, TheJobNetwork enables you to post your job once, and have it appear on thousands of sites simultaneously. The network also enables its members to share candidate resumes, so your job posting is automatically matched with millions of resumes that come from the sites across the country.

TheJobNetwork includes over 1000 job sites. In addition, jobs are sent for posting to thousands of third-party job sites. The exposure of jobs posted on our Network is greater than the combined exposure on the 3 major job sites. TheJobNetwork represents a new concept in online recruiting called “Cloud Recruiting”. Rather than posting on multiple sites and handling response on a site by site basis, Cloud Recruiting enables you to post your job once, and receive an optimized and organized response from applicants from many sites. The system will automatically find and send your jobs to the most relevant sites, most of which are paid job sites. You, however, will not incur any additional cost other than your regular job posting fee.

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