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Employers and recruiters testimonials

..If I ever needed to find another candidate I would use you guys in a heartbeat… The job we were filling in was very difficult to fill in but we found an excellent candidate for the position.
Kim Simcon, TLR Inc.

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know we love your product!! It is extremely useful and effective for our organization's recruiting needs. We have found it very simple to use, and yet it provides ALL the required information for us to make the necessary business decisions across the different phases of recruiting.
Mo Daniels, VizPress

The matching technology has saved us enormous amounts of time and money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for one ad with no idea if the candidates we need are there, when we post ads on TheJobNetwork, we get exposure on hundreds of sites and can judge candidates qualifications before we spend a penny.
Sandra Krause, AEG Environmental

I wanted to thank you for an amazing tool to help small companies find just the right "matching" employee. For far less than Monster or Career Builders I've been able to find and hire managers within a few weeks. The time I saved with your "real match" resumes vs. traditional sorting of resumes was the best part of all! I'll continue to use your solution for all our hiring needs in the future.
Steve Harney, Quality Printing

I definitely wanted to make sure you know how satisfied TriStaff is with your product. In our time using the site we have had great results.
Desiree Logue, TriStaff Search

I think It is a really cost effective way of getting local job seekers.
Chris Farias, EBS inc.

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